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Vanilo is an E-commerce framework

for Laravel

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Laravel by Nature

If Laravel is your favourite one of the many good PHP frameworks out there, and you want a pure Laravel E-commerce platform, Vanilo is for you.


Other PHP E-commerce frameworks offer infinite flexibility for the price of high complexity. Vanilo promotes clarity over uttermost extensibility.

Control Your Code

Working with Magento often means you have no clue what you're doing. Vanilo promotes building your app piece by piece instead of tweaking a bloatware an spending hours attempting to remove unwanted side effects.

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Trusted by E-commerce Lions

Canada Les Librarires

Les libraires is a Canadian cooperative of more than 120 independent bookstores from Quebec, the Maritimes, Ontario and Manitoba.

EP4 chose Vanilo when launching the new Les libraires e-commerce system on top of Laravel.

Sweden Gimmersta

Gimmersta is a Swedish wallpaper company that designs, produces and sells premium wallpapers to consumers and businesses in over 50 countries.

We teamed up to revamp the engine behind the Rebel Walls and Sandberg Wallpaper brands.

Germany Looxis

LOOXIS is a company that sells and manufactures a high-volume of personalized gifts.

Vanilo was chosen not only to replace the Magento 1 store for B2C customers, but also as common API interface for their multichannel B2B clients.

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