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Vanilo 3.6 Released

March 7th, 2023

Vanilo 3.6 has been released with Laravel 10 support, new checkout, order and adjustment features.

Laravel 10

Beginning with v3.6, Vanilo supports both Laravel 9 and Laravel 10.

New Domain Events

The following new events have been added:

  • CartCreated,
  • CartUpdated,
  • CartDeleted,
  • CartDeleting,
  • ShippingMethodSelected (on checkout)

Checkout & Shipping Improvements

Zone Support

Added Zone support to shipping methods. It means that shipping methods can be optionally restricted to geographic zones.

If the zone_id field is NULL, it means that the shipping method is unrestricted, and is available in every geographic zone:

// true

If a shipping method is zone restricted, then it has a Zone:

if ($shippingMethod->isZoneRestricted())
    if (!$shippingMethod->zone->isCountryPartOfIt('UK')) {
        // reject the checkout

To simplify finding available shipping methods for areas, the ShippingMethod::forZone($singleZone) and the ShippingMethod::forZones($multipleZones) query scopes have been added.

It can be used to retrieve the available shipping methods for a country:

$netherlandZones = Zones::withShippingScope()->theCountryBelongsTo('NL');
$availableShippingMethodsForNetherland = match($netherlandZones->isEmpty()) {
    true => ShippingMethod::whereNull('zone_id')->get(),
    false => ShippingMethod::where(fn ($query) => $query->forZones($netherlandZones)->orWhereNull('zone_id'),

For detailed usage of zones see the Zones Documentation

Shipping Fee Calculation

Shipping Fee calculator support has been added. The Foundation module contains the flat fee calculator, but you can implement your own ones by implementing the ShippingFeeCalculator interface and registering the calculator:

ShippingFeeCalculators::register('canada_post', CanadaPostShippingFeeCalculator::class);

Additionally, a listener has been added to the Foundation, that calculates the shipping fee on checkout shipping method change.

Added the shippingAdjustmentsTotal(), taxAdjustmentsTotal() and promotionAdjustmentsTotal() methods to the Adjustable Cart model in foundation.

Checkout Extensions

The following fields are now regular fields of the checkout:

  • shipping_method_id
  • payment_method_id
  • ship_to_billing_address
  • notes

The vanilo.checkout.default.weight_unit config key has been added, which defaults to 'kg'.

The following methods have been added to the Checkout implementations:

  • getShipToBillingAddress()
  • setShipToBillingAddress()
  • getShippingMethodId()
  • setShippingMethodId()
  • getPaymentMethodId()
  • setPaymentMethodId()
  • getShippingAmount()
  • setShippingAmount()
  • getTaxesAmount()
  • setTaxesAmount()
  • getNotes()
  • setNotes()

Status Extensions

The order status enum has been extended with the processing value, and the fulfillment status got the new ready_for_pickup value.

New Order Features

It is possible to hook into the OrderFactory creation, by passing callable(s) to the createFromDataArray method:

class B2BOrderFactory extends OrderFactory
    public function createFromB2BOrderRequest(Request $request): Order
        return $this->createFromDataArray(
            \Closure::fromCallable([$this, 'myOrderHook'])
    protected function myOrderHook(Order $order, array $data, array $items): void
        // This method gets called once all the order data is prepared but before
        // the order gets saved into the database. Here you can manipulate the
        // order object, and also access the source $data and $items arrays    

The payable_remote_id field (along with getter/setter methods) has been added to the Foundation Order model.

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