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Vanilo Admin 3.0 Released

May 21st, 2022

Vanilo Admin v3.0 has been released with a refreshed user interface and several smaller changes.

It's been around since March, but due to a stubborn bug, it wasn't tagged as final 3.0.0 for a while. Now, all the known issues have been repaired and v3 has been finalized.

The Vanilo Admin has become an optional and standalone module as of Vanilo v3.0.

Refreshed UI


Admin v2


Admin v3

Minimum Requirements

As part of the Vanilo 3 series, the Admin package requires PHP 8+ and Laravel 9.

Alpinejs Required, Vuejs is not

The Admin module is built on top of AppShell and that component it has been upgraded to (v3.0).

AppShell with v3.0 has replaced Vue to Alpinejs (3.10+) under the hood, and along with that, Vanilo Admin has also ported some of its features from Vue to Alpinejs.

As a consequence you need to add Alpinejs to your application's frontend: npm add [email protected] in order to build the Admin. Vuejs can still be kept, but it can also be removed from your application if you no longer need it (npm remove vue).

The only difference is that the Admin no longer needs Vue, but it requires Alpinejs.

See the Admin Installation Documentation for more details.

Possibly Breaking Changes

The Scripts Sections

The scripts section of the admin layout has become a stack (it used to be a section)

If your extra admin modules extend the scripts section, then replace @section('scripts') references with @push('scripts'). If there are @parent() references within the section, remove them.

For a complete list of BCs and upgrade instructions see the AppShell 3 Upgrade Guide

If you have issues or questions regarding the Vanilo Admin v3 upgrade, feel free to open an issue at Github.

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