Vanilo Modules vs. Vanilo Framework


Vanilo consists of standalone modules like product, cart, checkout, order, etc. They can be used independently from each other, without the Vanilo Framework, even by arbitrarily picking one or more of them. The single "glue" between them is the vanilo\contracts package. And Laravel + Concord of course.

All these modules have their standalone github repositories and can be separately installed via composer.

List Of Modules

Vanilo Contracts Package

The contracts package defines interfaces shared across various Vanilo modules. It also aims to support the separate use of modules, so that you can choose for example to use the checkout component without the cart.

This package contains solely interfaces, no actual code.

Vanilo Framework

The Vanilo framework contains all the modules and adds the bindings between them + adds the admin panel. Using the framework is the recommended way.