Extending Vanilo's Admin Panel

This section is incomplete, for more details refer to the AppShell Documentation


If you want to define new views for the admin panel you need to use this layout:


Blade Sections

  • title: <title>
  • content: the body of the page
  • footer: additional footer content
  • scripts: scripts to add below <script src="/js/appshell.js">


The admin menu was built with the konekt/menu library.

To add a new menu item to the admin you need to locate the menu using the Menu facade:

if ($menu = Menu::get('appshell')) {
    // Add a new group
    $newGroup = $menu->addItem('reports', __('Reports'));

    // Add an item to the new group:
        ->addSubItem('abandoned_carts', __('Abandoned Carts'), '/admin/abandoned-carts')
        ->data('icon', 'accounts');

    // Add an item with route name:
        ->addSubItem('campaigns', __('Campaigns'), [
            'route' => 'reports.campaigns.index'
        ->data('icon', 'shield-security');

For detailed usage instructions on menus, please read the konekt menu readme).


The admin panel uses the Material Design Iconic Font. Refer to their site for the available glyphs and the names of icons.