Release Notes

For upcoming releases refer to the Roadmap.


  • Added PHP 8 Support
  • Added Payment module
  • Added Primary Image feature
  • Added Spatie Media Library v9 Support
  • Refactored image handling
  • Added images to taxonomies and taxons
  • Added option to define separate image conversions per entity type (product, taxonomy, taxon)
  • Added the HasImages interface - extracted it from Buyable (in a compatible manner)
  • Added an extended Order model (in Framework module) that implements the Payable interface
  • Added Payment method CRUD
  • Added dispatching of order cancelled and completed events when updating their status in the admin panel
  • Added HasImagesFromMediaLibrary trait (support module) for supporting the new HasImages interface
  • Deprecated the BuyableImageSpatieV8 and BuyableImageSpatieV7 traits
  • Added generic NanoId generator utility class to support module
  • Added Order::findByNumber() method
  • Added unique index to orders.number field
  • Added Taxon::findOneByParentsAndSlug method
  • Added Taxonomy::findOneBySlug method
  • Added taxa (and taxons alias) relationship to Taxonomy model
  • Added payments, payment statuses, payment methods
  • Added gateway registry
  • Added Payment factory (creates payment from payables and payment methods)
  • Added payment events
  • Added payment- gateway, method, request and response contracts
  • Added NullGateway
  • Changed (reverted) the Product model's route key to the default (id) instead of slug. Resolving by slug must be done by the host application.
  • Changed the internal implementation of the nanoid order number generator to utilize the generic nanoid generator from the support module
  • Changed Payable interface signature (since it wasn't used until 2.1 not considering it as BC)
  • Fixed model registration to take into account Concord's register_route_models setting

2.0 (Framework)

  • Themeable Admin
  • PHP 7.4+ (Framework only)



All components, except the framework have been released.

  • Added Laravel 8 support
  • Dropped Laravel 5 support
  • Dropped PHP 7.2 support
  • BC: Upgrade to Enum v3
  • BC: Contracts have been updated (mostly missing return types have been added)
  • BC: Renamed getValue() -> getCastedValue() in the PropertyValue module
  • Added the Payable interface
  • Added the Shippable interface
  • Added nanoid style order number generator


  • Added Laravel 7 support
  • Added PHP 7.4 support
  • Dropped PHP 7.1 support
  • Combination of PHP 7.4 & Laravel 5.6|5.7 is not recommended due to improper order of implode() arguments in eloquent-sluggable dependency


  • Fully supports Laravel 6


  • Stable release
  • Supports PHP 7.1 - 7.3 & Laravel 5.5 - 5.8
  • Added simple product stock
  • Added ProductFinder pagination support
  • Added Channel Module
  • Added custom checkout attributes
  • Migration compatibility fixes with bigint user id


  • Arbitrary product properties (eg. color, RAM size, Wheel size, etc)
  • Product filtering


  • Product Categories
  • Cart can be preserved for a user across devices and logins
  • Product sales figures (units sold, last sale date)
  • Laravel 5.7 Support
  • PHP 7.3 Support (tested against RC)
  • Lots of UI improvements


  • Product images
  • Custom Product attributes in cart
  • Settings/Preferences in admin (arbitrary settings can be added)
  • Minimum Laravel is 5.5 if using the Framework, due to Spatie Media Library v7 being incompatible with it
  • Individual modules (cart, order, product, etc) still support Laravel 5.4


  • Starting with v0.2 there is an upgrade path to the upcoming versions (0.3, etc).
  • Support for Laravel 5.6,
  • Bugfixes,
  • Cart improvements.



Vanilo v0.1 was the very first Vanilo release ever. Consider it as a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW.

This version is not yet ready to create applications with. Feel free to discover it, play with it, and submit issues on github.

What's in it:

  • Concord (foundation for customizing E-commerce components)
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Orders
  • Admin
    • Users
    • Acl (permissions, roles)
    • Extendable

Please note that Vanilo as of v0.1:

  • lacks many features,
  • features are incomplete,
  • there are shortcuts, bugs, TODOs and other nasty things in the codebase,
  • even basic concepts are subject to change,
  • 0.1 is not intended to be upgradable to v0.2.

Beginning with version 0.2 Vanilo provides a documented upgrade path up to the 1.0 stable release.

For more details on future releases refer to the Roadmap.