What Is Vanilo?

Vanilo is an E-commerce Framework for Laravel. It's like Magento or Sylius.

Is It Ready For Production?

FOR EARLY ADOPTERS ONLY. Vanilo 0.2 - as its version number shows - is still in development stage. But as promised, starting from v0.2 there will be an upgrade path up to v1.0.

Refer to Release Notes for more details.

Why Another E-commerce Package?

Shortly, because in 2017 there was no decent one especially for Laravel. There's a slightly longer article on medium about why it came to life.


Name Based on Version (Feb 2018)
GetCandy Laravel 5 Unreleased
Aimeos Laravel 5 2018.01
Sylius Symfony 3.4 1.1 (stable)
ORO Commerce Symfony 2.8 1.6
Magento Zend 2.7 2.2

For even more alternatives read the E-commerce Status Quo 2016.