Release Notes

For upcoming releases refer to the Roadmap.


  • Product images
  • Custom Product attributes in cart
  • Settings/Preferences in admin (arbitrary settings can be added)
  • Minimum Laravel is 5.5 if using the Framework, due to Spatie Media Library v7 being incompatible with it
  • Individual modules (cart, order, product, etc) still support Laravel 5.4


  • Starting with v0.2 there is an upgrade path to the upcoming versions (0.3, etc).
  • Support for Laravel 5.6,
  • Bugfixes,
  • Cart improvements.



Vanilo v0.1 was the very first Vanilo release ever. Consider it as a TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW.

This version is not yet ready to create applications with. Feel free to discover it, play with it, and submit issues on github.

What's in it:

  • Concord (foundation for customizing E-commerce components)
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • Orders
  • Admin
    • Users
    • Acl (permissions, roles)
    • Extendable

Please note that Vanilo as of v0.1:

  • lacks many features,
  • features are incomplete,
  • there are shortcuts, bugs, TODOs and other nasty things in the codebase,
  • even basic concepts are subject to change,
  • 0.1 is not intended to be upgradable to v0.2.

Beginning with version 0.2 Vanilo provides a documented upgrade path up to the 1.0 stable release.

For more details on future releases refer to the Roadmap.